The skilled team at R. C. Yantha Electric can provide a wide range of services to make your project go smoothly. Our dedication to quality ensures you get the result you want.
Electrical and Plumbing Contractor
Our van and trailer outside a home under construction.
On the job at a residential construction site.
Roughed-in drains.

As electrical and plumbing contractors for over twenty years, we have tackled jobs ranging from large commercial installations to simple residential upgrades.  Whether it's new construction, a retro-fit, repairs, or that all-important preventive maintenance, we provide quality products and expert care. 

Electrical meter.
Generating Systems
Residential generator installed outside of house. Large portable generator on built-in wheeled cart.

Backup electrical generating systems have become increasingly important as our homes become more dependent on a reliable supply of electricity.  We provide automatic systems to protect home or commercial installations, as well as smaller systems to protect essential circuits.

Generating system panel.
Solar Systems
Solar panels on the roof of a wooden building
Solar panels on the Achray Theatre in Algonquin Park.
Solar installations can provide power in off-grid situations or as a supplement to conventional electricity.
Control panel and batteries for solar system.
Excavation and Mulcher / Brusher Service
We have the equipment and the ability to provide the excavation and brushing your project requires. Brusher-mulcher working along a road through the bush.
Maintenance and Service
Transport Canada's navigation beacon at Bonnechere Airport.
Installed electrical panel.

Regular service and maintenance are essential to ensure your systems stay in good working order.  And regular maintenance makes sure you never need our emergency repair service.  We can provide scheduled maintenance and service contracts.

Our cottage opening and closing services make for a worry-free beginning and end to your cottage season.

Part of a residential plumbing installation.
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